MV 15

ORIGIN: Champagne, França

VARIETIES: 80% Pinot Noir – 20% Chardonnay

VINIFICATION: Traditionnal Blend Champenois, 2/3 identified year + 1/3 perpetual reserve (since 1990). Vinified and raised in small oak barrel during 1 year, 50% of them are new oak barrel.

VINEYARD: The founding vintage of the new Giraud story, symbol of a return to excellence and to the origins of Champagne. Multi Vintage, depository of the know-how and natural modernity of the Champagne region, combines traditional craftsmanship and modern winemaking techniques while keeping in mind the time when the great Champagne families built the history of the region on the genius of its men and its wines.  

Tasting Notes Here is a unique lace made as of the great perfumes, the perpetual reserve, comes to stimulate the features of the 2015 harvest. Salinity and warmth underline the meticulousness, harmony and dexterity of MV.

Capacity: 75cl.